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Reasons to Believe by Philip Nunn

Paul’s Letter to the Colossians by George Stevens, Douglas Pettman, Ernie Brown, George Bell, Gordon Kell and David Anderson; John Rice (editor)

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The used book list for Autumn 2016 is now available.

All remaining unsold books from our previous selections are listed at AbeBooks. For these and other hard-to-find or out-of-print books, search or browse Scripture Truth's listings at the Advanced Book Exchange, with books priced in dollars, pounds, or Euros (in French, German, Italian or Spanish)

New books: published 1 August 2016

Reasons to Believe by Philip Nunn"Paul's Letter to the Colossians" by George Stevens, Douglas Pettman, Ernie Brown, George Bell, Gordon Kell and David Anderson Reasons to Believe: An invitation to think about your faith by Philip Nunn

Philip Nunn discusses the basics of faith and asks whether Christianity makes sense. He answers questions such as: How certain can we be? Why is truth important? Are there no other ways to God than Jesus? He examines critical arguments against the Christian faith and shows why they are not sustainable.

Paul’s Letter to the Colossians by George Stevens, Douglas Pettman, Ernie Brown, George Bell, Gordon Kell and David Anderson; John Rice (editor)

For many years, the "Truth for Today" programme on London's Premier Christian Radio has been challenging and encouraging listeners with the truths of the Word of God. This book contains edited transcripts of the series on Paul's letter to the Colossians. Read, enjoy and share the authors' delight in its great subject: Christ is everything!

Giant’s Causeway, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland  Plockton, Ross and Cromarty, Scotland

Cheering Words calendar for 2017 is now available to order


Alive! article 

Read an article from a recent issue of Alive!


An edited collection of the complete series of Truth for Today talks on Colossians, Paul’s Letter to the ColossiansPaul’s Letter to the Colossians is now available in a Kindle edition.

Hazel Dixon's verses Immanuel: Reflections on the IncarnationImmanuel are now available in a Kindle edition.

Fruit for Christ's LabourFruit for Christ's Labour by Yannick Ford, is now available in a Kindle edition.

Our newly revised edition of The Resurrection of the Lord Jesus ChristThe Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ by A J (Algernon James) Pollock, is now available in a Kindle edition (based on our new print edition, for today's readers).

SalvationAmazon Kindle edition by F B (Frank Binford) Hole is now available in a Kindle edition (based on a new reprint, incorporating a number of minor amendments, including some Scripture references).

Elijah: A Prophet of the LordAmazon Kindle edition by Hamilton Smith is now available in a Kindle edition.

Click here for e-books, including a selection of books by early Brethren writers in Kindle editions from other publishers.

Books from the Truth for Today radio programme

"What a God we Christians have!" by Glenn BaxterWhat a God we Christians have! by Glenn Baxter

This book contains edited transcripts of all Glenn's Truth for Today radio broadcasts. They cover a wide variety of topics including Old Testament character studies, key Christian teachings, and studies in New Testament books. With the needs of young Christians to the fore in each case, the emphasis is on clarity of exposition and challenge in application. Read, enjoy and share Glenn's delight in "what a God we Christians have!"

Who is Jesus?Who is Jesus? by Cor Bruins, David Pulman, Peter Ollerhead and George Bell

(Is Jesus God?, Is Jesus a Man?, Is Jesus Lord? and Is Jesus Head of the Church? together in one pocket-sized volume)

"Who is Jesus?" is the most important question which any of us must face. Our answer to that question will determine not only the way we live in this world but also our eternal destiny. This booklet sets out in a clear, understandable way the reasons why we should believe Jesus's claims to be the Son of God.

That Jesus of Nazareth was a real historical person is a well-attested fact. The evidence for His existence is greater than that for many historical figures, e.g. Julius Caesar. Yet many today would deny that He was truly Man. Because He is fully Man, yet at the same time fully God, He alone is the Saviour of the world.

"Why do you call Me 'Lord, Lord,' and do not do the things which I say?" (Luke 6:46) are the telling words of Jesus. This booklet sets out the biblical view of the Lordship of Christ and challenges us to examine our response to His Lordship.

Who controls the church? In today's world, it is vital to have a biblical answer to this important question. The Lord Jesus is Head of His church, His body, controlling and directing it by His Holy Spirit. A church that does not answer to its Head is as lifeless as a headless body.

Some Problems Christians FaceSome Problems Christians Face by Gordon Kell, Peter Ollerhead and Jonathan Hughes

(The Christian and Temptation, The Christian and Hypocrisy, The Christian and Commitment and The Christian and Conflict together in one pocket-sized volume)

Satan is a past master in the art of temptation. After all, he has had thousands of years of experience in thus opposing the people of God. None of us, in ourselves, is immune from his attacks. This booklet helps us to understand the nature of temptation and looks at ways to overcome it.

Reality or pretence? Do not read this booklet unless you are prepared to be challenged by it! It surveys the Bible's teaching on hypocrisy, a subject that is all too prevalent in today's world.

This booklet cuts right across the easy-going 'What's in it for me?' attitude that characterises much of 21st Century living. It calls for a thoroughgoing commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ. Read it and be challenged!

"Divide and rule" seems to be Satan's policy in his attacks on the Church today. But why does his programme for conflict have to be so successful? This booklet takes a helpful look at the problems Christians face in getting on with one another.

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The Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ by A J PollockFruit for Christ's Labour by Yannick FordFruit for Christ's Labour by Yannick Ford in print and Kindle editions

"He shall see the labour of His soul, and be satisfied", prophesied Isaiah. His prophecy was fulfilled by the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus, with wonderful far-reaching results. They are the fruit of the labour of Jesus: closely associated with our current and future blessing. The author explores some of this glorious fruit in this book.

The Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ by A J Pollock; J D Rice (editor) in print and Kindle editions

It is an historical fact that Jesus Christ actually rose from the dead, and ascended to heaven. In a survey encompassing Old and New Testaments as well as Lyttleton's Observations on the Conversion and Apostleship of St. Paul, Pollock affirms his thesis with characteristic eloquence. This new edition conveys his message to the 21st Century reader.

"Remembering my Creator since my youthf" by David Anderson Remembering my Creator since my youth by David Anderson in print and KindleAmazon Kindle edition editions

Published 1 August 2014. As its title implies, this book is the outcome of a lifelong application of Ecclesiastes 12:1. It is not primarily about the "science versus the Bible" debate but about the more important matter of what the Bible, the Word of God, teaches about creation; and the need for 21st-century Christians to stand for this teaching in an increasingly materialistic and secular world, marked by aggressive and hostile atheism. "Science, at its best, is only relative truth for today and may be proved wrong tomorrow; but Scripture is absolute truth which abides forever." As a teenager the author experienced the penetrating effect of God's Word and after a career of over forty years as a practising industrial chemist he remains as convinced as ever of the accuracy and inerrancy of the Bible. As the uniquely reliable source of truth about all matters of the Christian faith, it should be no surprise that it clearly addresses the issues relating to the origins of the universe, the world and life itself. Indeed, creation is a bedrock under the whole of Bible truth. To deny, question, or even modify, the Genesis account is to challenge the truth of God. It's by faith that Christians understand that the universe was created by the word of God. So what must I believe about creation? This apologia for the biblical view attempts to answer that crucial question.

"Concerning Himself" by J T MawsonConcerning Himself by J T Mawson in print and Kindle editions

We are pleased to make available once again this selection of 13 papers from Scripture Truth magazine 1934-36, first published in book form in 1936. The original series of magazine articles appeared under the title "Things Most Surely Believed" and they consider the miraculous birth, deity, sinlessness, temptations, miracles, death, resurrection and exaltation of the Lord Jesus Christ, His current service as High Priest and His future as Judge. The e-book edition of Concerning Himself in the Understanding Christianity seriesAmazon Kindle edition is now available in the Amazon Kindle Stores in the UK, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, India, Japan and Australia.

"Thou Remainest" by John Wilson SmithThou Remainest by John Wilson Smith in print and Kindle editions

Back in print after more than 80 years, a selection of papers "setting forth the excellency and sufficiency of the Lord Jesus Christ" from "Scripture Truth" magazine 1909-1919, written by J Wilson Smith. As the editor (J T Mawson) wrote in his Foreword: "He writes, not worn-out platitudes, nor of untried theories, but of a Person, well-known, out of the fullness of a heart that finds its joy in the Lord." An encouraging and challenging devotional read.

Isaiah by Frank Binford HoleIsaiah by Frank Binford Hole in print and Kindle editions

For the first time in book form, the series of articles entitled "Isaiah — Bible Study" from "Scripture Truth" magazine 1956-1958, written by F B Hole (Scripture Truth editor: 1943-1962). An excellent exposition, bringing out Isaiah's prophecies concerning the Lord Jesus Christ and the past and future of Israel, contrasting the latter with that of the Church, and bringing out practical implications of Isaiah's message for Christians today.

"An Exposition of the Gospel of John" by William Kelly; edited, with additions, by Edward Elihu WhitfieldOur brand new edition of An Exposition of the Gospel of John by William Kelly, edited, with additions, by Edward Elihu Whitfield

What are the exact words of the original Greek text of the Gospel of John? What do they mean? What is its significance today? William Kelly examines these questions, combining scholarly exegesis and analysis with devotional intensity. E. E. Whitfield's additional notes address, equally robustly, later theologians' criticisms of the Gospel of John. "Here is profound and profitable exploration of Scripture" (Dr Colin Curry).

"The Transforming Power of Forgiveness" by Philip NunnThe Transforming Power of Forgiveness by Philip Nunn in print and Kindle editions

"One of the greatest problems among Christians today is bitterness and lack of forgiveness. It spreads like a poison in our communities." This book explores forgiveness from a Biblical perspective. Part One takes a practical approach to the subject, while Part Two explores its doctrinal basis.

More Suggested Reading

"What Does The Bible Teach?" by R D (Ron) Mahers"What Does The Bible Teach?" by Ron Mahers

A booklet for Jehovah's Witnesses, comparing their beliefs on vital topics with the teaching of the Bible: What Does The Bible Teach? by Ron Mahers, now re-printed in an attractive pocket-sized format. Available in single copies or packs of 10 or 100.

Paperbacks by 21st Century authors:

If you find the Old Testament hard to understand or apply to 21st century Christians, why not try one of our "Understanding the Old Testament" series: The Gospel in Job by Yannick Ford (also available in hardback), Lessons from Ezra or Lessons from Nehemiah by Ted Murray, Christ is My Beloved, studies in the Song of Solomon by George Stevens, or Psalm 119: A commentary on the Entire Psalm by Cor Bruins?

Re-published good books from the past:

For a book that's easy to dip into, with a number of short chapters, and the associated Bible passages reproduced in the text, what could be better than the first of our new editions of the writings of J T Mawson: Delivering Grace, a practical study in the life of Elisha. It's available in both paperback and hardback. His excellent book of Bible studies on the future, Waiting for the Coming, is a convincing and challenging read, as is How to Overcome, a practical guide to the victorious Christian life, based on studies in the book of Judges.

Hamilton Smith is an early 20th century writer with an easy style and neat turn of phrase, and we can offer you a choice of a New Testament outline of The Gospel of Mark (in paperback or hardback),  The Epistle to the Romans or The Epistle to the Colossians, devotional studies of two of the great Old Testament prophets: Elijah and Elisha, and a collection of Short Papers on the Church.

 Algernon J Pollock was a prolific author. We are sure you will enjoy our edition of his classic work The Tabernacle's Typical Teaching, newly illustrated by Arthur Duff, an exposition of "types" - people, places, objects, events, offices, activities and institutions - connected with the Tabernacle, the Priesthood, the Offerings and the Feasts (particularly as described in the first five books of the Old Testament) which foreshadow their corresponding New Testament "antitypes" - most particularly Christ Himself. His compilation of Scripture texts, prose and poetry, "Comforted of God", shines the light of God's Word into the darkness of disappointment, illness and bereavement. To those in such circumstances it provides encouragement, strength, illumination, understanding and comfort.

If you have questions about God's Inspiration of the Scriptures, then William Kelly's book is just the thing, and if you want a good overview of the contents of each individual book in the Bible, then it contains that too! If you really want to know what the Bible really says about the way the Church should operate, the same author's Lectures on the Church is well worth a read; but be prepared to have your ideas challenged! Both of these William Kelly titles are available in both hardback and paperback editions.

If you are looking for a comprehensive, easy to follow, commentary on the whole of the New Testament, then F B Hole's New Testament Commentary in 4 handy volumes, now available in paperback and hardback, could be just what you need. On the other hand, if you wonder what Brethren ministry was like in the 1930s, why not try The Epistle of Christ, edited by F B Hole, which records a 4-day series of meetings held in Leeds from April 6th-9th 1937, where the speakers included F B Hole, J T Mawson, A J Pollock and Hamilton Smith, to name but a few!

If you are interested in Puritan writings, but find reading the original volumes hard work, why not try Hamilton Smith's selected extracts in 3 volumes of "Gleanings from the Past", now attractively typeset and published in paperback: Extracts from the Letters of Samuel Rutherford, Extracts from the Writings of William Gurnall (his selection from "The Christian in Complete Armour") and Extracts from the Writings of Thomas Watson.

Scripture Truth magazine:January to March 2009 issue: opens in a new window"Scripture Truth" Magazine: still going strong after over 100 years

"Scripture Truth", first published in 1909, is a 32-page quarterly magazine full of sound and challenging Bible teaching. It regularly contains articles, studies, poems and points to ponder. The present editor is Dr Theo Balderston of Stockport. The annual subscription for 2016 is £11.00 (post free) in the United Kingdom and £16.50 (post free) in the rest of the world.

You can place an order for a subscription for the current calendar year and make an immediate online payment by debit card (in the UK) or credit card on our Scripture Truth magazine page.

Alternatively, you can place an order via the Promotions page or the STP Web Order page. Payment is required before your order can be shipped. However, please do not send payment until you receive our invoice. We will send you a PayPal invoice by e-mail for the total cost of your order (including any shipping costs for other items ordered at the same time). When this invoice has been paid, your subscription for the year in question will begin. [Payment of this invoice can be made with a suitable credit or debit card at PayPal's web site. You do not need to open an account with PayPal to make your payment (though you may, of course, do so if you wish).]

When ordering more than one subscription, or ordering a subscription to be sent to an address other than that of the person making the payment, please provide the full postal addresses for delivery in the "Any Message" box on the page used to place the order.

Alive! gospel magazine

Do you want a bi-monthly topical evangelistic tract  to distribute? Then Alive! is just what you're looking for. It costs £8.00 per 100 (plus postage). To order Alive!, send us an e-mail via the Contact Us page to take out your subscription.

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A bit about Scripture Truth Publications

Christian Publisher and Bookseller

The publishing and bookselling work of Scripture Truth was established in the 1800s in London, but from 1976 to 2007 it was based in Northumberland - first in Wooler and then, from 1996, in Morpeth. In the early part of 2008 we relocated to premises in Crewe, Cheshire.  Scripture Truth Publications publishes both new books and reprints of  publications from the Central Bible Hammond Trust, C A Hammond and the Central Bible Truth Depot, together with the quarterly "Scripture Truth" magazine, the bi-monthly "Alive" gospel tract, the annual Cheering Words calendar, music from Ekklesia and a PC CD-ROM for children.

International Mail Order Service

Much of our activity in the past has been conducted by mail order and we have re-focussed to concentrate on this aspect of our work, along with publishing, from our premises in Crewe.

Supplier of Used Christian Books

We have a selection of over 6,000 used books, predominantly from the 19th and 20th centuries, for sale online at AbeBooks (the Advanced Book Exchange). We specialise in the writings of the Plymouth Brethren but you will also find books by well-known, and not so well-known, evangelical writers. Some volumes are scarce or rare. A typical selection (apart from William Kelly, J G Bellett, C H Mackintosh and John Nelson Darby) might include volumes by Sir Robert Anderson, H P Barker, Colonel Jacob, W T P Wolston, J G Deck, Andrew Miller, J T Mawson, F B Hole, F F Bruce, Campbell Morgan, Andrew Bonar, Charles Haddon Spurgeon, L Berkhof and W E Vine as well as contemporary authors such as Cor Bruins. We also list on AbeBooks both new and used copies of our own Scripture Truth Publications. Using AbeBooks means that our customers worldwide have a choice of currency and language in which to search, browse, and buy.

Search or browse Scripture Truth's listings at the Advanced Book Exchange, with books priced in dollars, pounds, or Euros (in French, German, Italian or Spanish)

If you have a requirement for a particular book, contact our staff by e-mail with your inquiry. If you have Christian books you no longer require, why not let us Re-cycle them?

Our Mission

It is our mission to produce and distribute sound Christian literature as widely as possible. We are a Charitable Trust and every purchase you make helps us to spread the Word of God throughout the world, especially into those parts of the world where Christian resources are scarce and our help is needed.

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