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An Exposition of the Gospel of John:
Edited, with additions, by Edward Elihu Whitfield

by William Kelly

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  • ISBN-10: 0-901860-52-2
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-901860-52-1
  • Price: £33.00
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publication date: 5 April 2013
  • Author: William Kelly; edited, with additions, by Edward Elihu Whitfield
  • Edition: 3rd
  • Series: Understanding the New Testament
  • Height: 216 mm
  • Pages: 908 pages
  • BIC Subject heading: TBA
  • Place of publication: Crewe, England
  • Publisher: Scripture Truth Publications
  • Distributor: Lightning Source

Short description

What are the exact words of the original Greek text of the Gospel of John? What do they mean? What is its significance today? William Kelly examines these questions, combining scholarly exegesis and analysis with devotional intensity. E. E. Whitfield's additional notes address, equally robustly, later theologians' criticisms of the Gospel of John. "Here is profound and profitable exploration of Scripture."

Long description

This new third edition of William Kelly's outstanding 1898 work includes all of E.E.Whitfield's 1908 second edition notes plus revised indexes and additional appendices.

What are the exact words of the original Greek text of the Gospel of John? What do they mean? What is its purpose? What is its significance for us today? William Kelly (1821-1906) examines these questions in a commentary combining scholarly exegesis and analysis with devotional intensity.

Edward Elihu Whitfield's additional notes address, in an equally robust manner, theologians' criticisms of the Gospel of John itself during the ten years after Mr Kelly's book was first written.

"Mr Kelly's careful expositions are outstandingly weighty in the true spiritual sense. Let any reader give careful attention to his Exposition of the Gospel of John and this point must be agreed. Here is profound and profitable exploration of Scripture, yet still leaving the awareness that there are exhaustless depths yet untapped. Such ministry gains rather than loses from its system and orderliness, which is no more nor less than that of Scripture itself. Here is real living contact with the Word of God" (Colin Curry, Scripture Truth).

Publisher's comments

A completely new edition of this outstanding work.

Other Books by William Kelly are available from STP.

Foreword to the Third Edition

Our purpose was to re-publish the second edition of William Kelly's Exposition of the Gospel of John, edited by Edward Elihu Whitfield, a friend of the author's over the last thirty-five years of his life, and incorporating almost four hundred editorial additional notes. Despite the first edition's relative freedom from typographical errors, the same is not so of the second, particularly in the capitalization of the initial letter of some words and the italicization of emphasised words which it introduced. It was therefore necessary to carefully compare the texts of the two editions. Discrepancies have been resolved, in most cases, in favour of the first, often after extensive searches and comparisons of various Greek texts of the Gospel and textual commentaries to which references are made. In the process it became clear that several references to quoted texts of Scripture required amendment - a task greatly assisted by the ready availability of computer-based texts of the Scriptures.

William Kelly's footnotes, referenced by a superscript letter in this edition, have been placed at the end of each chapter, thus enabling those who just wish to read the main body of text to do so, whilst still providing easy access to his (mainly textual) additional comments.

E. E. Whitfield's additions to the text are enclosed in square brackets [ ]. Scripture references he added as footnotes are now included in the main body of the text.

In this edition further Scripture references and explanations of obsolete English words have been added, enclosed in curly brackets { }. Capitalisation, introduced extensively in the second edition, has been applied consistently. Arabic numerals in Scripture references replace Roman to facilitate ease of reference.

The combined Indexes of Exposition and Notes have been separated so that the first part of this edition is essentially the text of the first edition plus indexes, and the additional Notes of the second edition, together with its indexes, form the second part.

As not all readers will have access to Whitfield's editions of William Kelly's Exposition of the Gospel of Mark and Exposition of the Gospel of Luke, an additional section has been included containing Whitfield's Notes from those editions to which reference is made in the Appendix of Additional Notes.

We are grateful to the late Edwin Cross for his suggestion that it would render a great service to all lovers of the Word if the next reprint of the Exposition was of the second edition containing E. E. Whitfield's additional notes. His initial support was invaluable in this project. It is our prayer that this new edition will encourage all our readers to grow in their appreciation of the eternal Son of God.

John Rice, March 2013

Table of Contents

Foreword to the Third Edition; Introduction to the 1966 Reprint of the First Edition; Foreword to the 1923 Edition; Author's Preface; Preface to the Second Edition



Translation and EXPOSITION

The First Chapter; The Second Chapter; The Third Chapter; The Fourth Chapter; The Fifth Chapter; The Sixth Chapter; The Seventh Chapter; The Eighth Chapter; The Ninth Chapter; The Tenth Chapter; The Eleventh Chapter; The Twelfth Chapter; The Thirteenth Chapter; The Fourteenth Chapter; The Fifteenth Chapter; The Sixteenth Chapter; The Seventeenth Chapter; The Eighteenth Chapter; The Nineteenth Chapter; The Twentieth Chapter; The Twenty-First Chapter

Indexes to the Exposition

Index of Scripture Quotations; Index of Greek and Hebrew Words; Index of Subjects


Editions of Authors Used


Indexes to the Notes

Index of Scripture Quotations in the Notes; Index of Greek and Hebrew Words in the Notes; Index of Subjects in the Notes

Referenced Notes on the Gospels of Mark and Luke

Notes on the Gospel of Mark; Note on the Gospel of Luke

Author biography

William Kelly (1821-1906) was an outstanding scholar, preacher, teacher, magazine editor, editor of J N Darby's "Collected Writings", and a prolific author. He was a major figure in the nineteenth century return to basic biblical teaching usually known as the Brethren movement. He was a frequent lecturer and many lectures were revised and published in book form. With a genius for exposition, he combined scholarship and spirituality so that readers share a real sense of his unrestrained love for the Lord.

Edward Elihu Whitfield, some 27 years William Kelly's junior, was a gifted linguist and teacher. Besides editing J. N. Darby's English version of the Old Testament (4 parts, London, 1883-89) and compiling William Kelly's expositions of Mark and Luke from the Bible Treasury, he wrote Outlines of Old Testament Study, Historical and Critical (1883).

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