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Extracts from the Writings of Thomas Watson

selected by Hamilton Smith

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"Extracts from the Writings of Thomas Watson" selected  by Hamilton Smith

  • ISBN-10: 0-901860-83-2
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-901860-83-5
  • Price: £6.00 (UK); $10.00 (USA)
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publication date: 24 April 2009
  • Author: Thomas Watson; selected by Hamilton Smith
  • Edition: 1st (re-typeset and transferred to digital printing 2009)
  • Series: Gleanings from the Past (Volume 3)
  • Height: 216 mm
  • Pages: 96 pages
  • BIC Subject heading: HRCV9
  • Place of publication: Crewe, England
  • Publisher: Scripture Truth Publications
  • Distributor: Lightning Source

Short description

The writings of Thomas Watson (c1620-1686) have long been a source of encouragement and inspiration; but to the modern reader their length, language and structure often hinder the enjoyment of their true value. Hamilton Smith's selection of extracts under topical headings powerfully conveys Watson's practical wisdom and apt illustrations.

Long Description

The writings of Thomas Watson (c1620-1686) have been a source of encouragement and enlightenment to Christians for over 320 years; but to the modern reader their language and structure can often hinder the enjoyment of their true value.

In 1915, Hamilton Smith (1862-1943) set out to make the heart of this book (and of Watson himself) more accessible to the reader of his day.

He organised a selection of extracts under topical headings covering the themes of warnings, healing, giving, longing, contentment, poverty, afflictions, persecution, temptation, contention, preaching, praying, meditation, departing and crowning.

Retaining Watson's original text, he created a volume of devotional readings which have stood the test of time in sharing Watson's practical wisdom and apt illustrations.

We are pleased to make this classic work available once again.

From the Preface by Hamilton Smith (1915)

The servant of the Lord, from whose writings these extracts have been culled, prefaced one of his works by saying, "There are two things which I have always looked upon as difficult: the one is to make the wicked sad; the other is to make the godly joyful."

Alas! This sad world still holds many a careless sinner, and not a few sorrowful saints, though two hundred and fifty years have passed since these words were uttered.

May God so speed this little book, that, in His good hand, it may be the means of arousing some sleeping conscience, and dropping a word of cheer into some sorrowful heart.

What others say about this book

"This is perhaps the best introduction to Watson, a writer always wonderfully aphoristic and stylish. I find a pencil and six-inch ruler essential when reading him as I am constantly coming upon choice sentences to underline. ... Words which provoke meditation are a sure sign of good writing." (David J. Newell, "The Believer's Library", John Ritchie)

Publisher's comments

Paperback and hardback editions first published 1915 by The Central Bible Truth Depot, 12 Paternoster Row, London, E.C.

Re-typeset and transferred to Digital Printing 2009.

Other Books by Hamilton Smith are available from STP.

Table of Contents

Biographical Introduction
1. Warnings
2. Healing
3. Giving
4. Longing
5. Contentment
6. Poverty
7. Afflications
8. Persecution
9. Temptation
10. Contention
11. Preaching
12. Praying
13. Meditation
14. Departing
15. Crowning
16. Fragments

Author biography

Hamilton Smith (1862-1943), born in Barnes, Surrey, the son of a sea captain, was employed in the office of his uncle's building firm, where he was later joined by his cousin F B Hole. By 1901, married and living in Sutton, Surrey, with his wife and young family, he had retired from the building trade and entered full-time upon the task of building up the church of God. Later in life, he moved to Weston-super-Mare in Somerset, his wife Rachel's home county. His personal ministry was delivered in the United Kingdom, but his written ministry is still read worldwide. Along with H P Barker, A J Pollock, J T Mawson and F B Hole he frequently contributed articles to "Scripture Truth" magazine, many of which were later published in books by the Central Bible Truth Depot. His written expositions of Scripture are brief, clear and very much to the point. He is probably best known for his Old Testament character studies and New Testament outlines.

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