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The Mediatorial Glories of The Son of God:
seen in Tabernacle Patterns and Sacrificial Types

by James Green

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Cover of "The Mediatorial Glories of The Son of God: seen in Tabernacle Patterns and Sacrificial Types" by James Green
  • ISBN-10: 0-9511515-6-8
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-9511515-6-3
  • Price: £18.50
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publication date: 31 March 2021
  • Author: James Green
  • Edition: 1st
  • Series: Understanding Christianity
  • Height: 216 mm
  • Pages: 240 pages
  • Illustrations: 19 colour illustrations; 5 line drawings
  • BIC Subject headings: HRCG3 (Biblical exegesis & hermeneutics), HRCG7 (Bible Studies for individuals or small groups), HRCG9 (Bible readings, selections and meditations)
  • Place of publication: Crewe, England
  • Publisher: Scripture Truth Publications
  • Distributor: Lightning Source

Short description

For those who wonder why so much of the book of Exodus is taken up with a detailed description of an elaborate tent and its contents, this book provides an excellent explanation. For those who want to understand how such a description reveals “Christ in all the Scriptures”, the author enthusiastically explores this theme in great detail.

Long description

The author of this book, James Green (1859-1936), was a frequent contributor to early issues of Scripture Truth in the early part of the twentieth century. By profession he was an artist and lithographer, notable for his illustrations in Arthur Mee’s I See All and subsequent Children’s Encyclopaedia.

As he explains in the preface, his artistic talents were put to considerable use with a commission in 1917 to create a series of pictures to illustrate the Tabernacle in the wilderness described in the book of Exodus. While many models had been made, in using them for lecture purposes (in a pre-digital age) it was recognised there was great difficulty in a large audience seeing the details of small items easily. It was thought that large diagrams in colour would serve the purpose better. He completed the commission the following year. The original set of pictures were used on several occasions in lectures by A J Pollock, author of The Tabernacle’s Typical Teaching, and by the author.

In the summer of 1929, a new set was painted on lighter canvas to ease portability; a useful feature as the ageing author continued delivering lectures around the UK. Photographs by David Vernon of the set illustrate this volume.

The author found that his lifetime of study of the detail of the Tabernacle had, “under the hand of the God, resulted in a much fuller apprehension of the glories of Christ, conveyed in the patterns of things in the heavens”. In his latter years, with the encouragement of many, he set down the impressions he had received, that others may profit by them. The present volume was completed shortly before his death in 1936 and has remained unpublished until now. The publishers are pleased to bring this book into print at last, assured that it will provide as much spiritual refreshment today as when the author first shared his appreciation of its great Subject.

For those who wonder why so much of the book of Exodus is taken up with a detailed description of an elaborate tent and its contents, this book provides an excellent explanation. For those who want to understand how such a description is evidence of the presence of “Christ in all the Scriptures”, the author explores this theme enthusiastically in detail.

Table of Contents

Foreword, Author’s Preface, PART 1: THE BACKGROUND, Chapter 1: Introduction, Chapter 2: Preliminary Remarks, Chapter 3: Preceding Circumstances, Chapter 4: History, Chapter 5: God’s Dwelling, Chapter 6: Order of the Camp, Chapter 7: Names of the Tabernacle, Chapter 8: The Materials, Chapter 9: Symbols, Chapter 10: Number, Chapter 11: The Measurements, Chapter 12: The Specification, Chapter 13: The Way of Approach, PART 2: THE TABERNACLE, Chapter 14: Instruction, Chapter 15: The Court, Chapter 16: The Tabernacle or House, Chapter 17: The Vail, The Door, and The Gate, Chapter 18: The Golden Vessels of the Sanctuary, Chapter 19: The Robes of the High Priest, Chapter 20: The Divine Presence, Appendix 1: The History of the Ark, Appendix 2: Invitation to a series of Addresses by the Author in Manchester in the 1930s

Illustrations (Line drawings in italics)

Figure 1: Numbers and Colours in the Tabernacle, Figure 2: Plan of the Tabernacle, Figure 3: Plan of the Court, Figure 4: General view of the Tabernacle, Figure 5: The Brazen Altar, Figure 6: The Grate of the Brazen Altar, Figure 7: The Laver, Figure 8: Board with tenons and Sockets of silver, Figure 9: Arrangement of the corner Boards, Figure 10: The Door and Vail, with the bars and boards of the Walls, Figure 11: Cut-away view of the Pillars and Vail, Figure 12: Plan and elevation views of the layout of the pillars, boards and bars of the Walls, Figure 13: The Embroidered Curtains, Figure 14: Eleven goat’s hair curtains of the Tent covering the ten embroidered curtains of the Tabernacle, Figure 15: The Tent of goat’s hair, Figure 16: The covering of rams’ skins, Figure 17: The covering of badger skins, Figure 18: The Table of Shewbread, Figure 19: The Golden Lampstand, Figure 20: The Golden Altar, Figure 21: The Ark, Figure 22: The High Priest on the Day of Atonement, Figure 23: The Robes of the High Priest

Tables (Line drawing in italics)

Scriptures to be read in connection with Exodus, Divisions of the book of Exodus, Quotations from Exodus in the New Testament, 12 encampments under the cloud, General View of the Tabernacle and Camp, The meaning of the numbers, Five descriptions of the Tabernacle, Blood in the New Testament, The number 12, The names on the Onyx Stones, The four rows of stones in the Breastplate, Summary: The Twelve Jewels, Summary The Twelve Tribes, Resumé of the Priestly Garments

Author biography

James Green (1859-1936) was an artist and lithographer by profession, amongst other things contributing detailed illustrations to Arthur Mee’s I See All, described as “the world’s first picture encyclopedia”, and to its successor, the Children’s Encyclopaedia.

He was a committed Christian and a prolific contributor of devotional articles to Scripture Truth magazine in the early part of the 20th Century. He was much taken with the way in which Old Testament characters, events and objects illustrate New Testament concepts and illuminate aspects of the character and person of its Subject: Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

The Mediatorial Glories of the Son of God, completed shortly before his death, powerfully presents the message he delivered in the United Kingdom through numerous lecture series in his lifetime.

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