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If you find the Old Testament hard to understand or apply to 21st century Christians, why not try one of our "Understanding the Old Testament" series: The Gospel in Job by Yannick Ford (also available in hardback), Lessons from Ezra or Lessons from Nehemiah by Ted Murray, or Christ is My Beloved, studies in the Song of Solomon by George Stevens?

David Anderson:

David Anderson lives in Newcastle on Tyne, where he is an active member of the assembly meeting in Edgefield Gospel Hall. He is married to Gillian and they have four adult children. For many years he was involved in organising children's summer camps at Fenham Farm, Northumberland. He is currently involved in preaching and teaching amongst UK assemblies; and at conferences. He is a regular contributor to Christian magazines and is a member of the Truth for Today broadcasts' team. Since his retirement from industry in 1998, He has been a tutor for both UK and overseas students engaged in Emmaus Bible School correspondence courses.

David worked in the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients sector of the chemical industry for over 40 years: first, as an analytical chemist; then in quality management; and finally, as a pharmaceutical consultant until 2010.

"Remembering my Creator since my youth" by David AndersonRemembering my Creator since my youth

ISBN: 978 0 901860 93 4;   Paperback;   192 pages;   £8.75 (UK); $13.25 (USA)

This book is not primarily about the "science versus the Bible" debate but about the more important matter of what the Bible, the Word of God, teaches about creation; and the need for 21st-century Christians to stand for this teaching in an increasingly materialistic and secular world, marked by aggressive and hostile atheism. As the uniquely reliable source of truth about all matters of the Christian faith, it should be no surprise that the Bible clearly addresses the issues relating to the origins of the universe, the world and life itself. It states that by faith Christians understand that the universe was created by the word of God. So what must I believe about creation? This apologia for the biblical view attempts to answer that crucial question.

"The Importance of God’s Word: Meditations on Psalm 119" by the Truth for Today team, David Anderson (editor)The Importance of God’s Word: Meditations on Psalm 119

ISBN: 978 0 901860 99 6;   Paperback;   254 pages;   £12.50 (UK); $18.00 (USA)

A collection of all of the "Truth for Today" radio broadcasts on the topic Psalm 119: The Importance of God's Word by members of the Truth for Today team (David Anderson, Ian Britton, Brian Donaldson, Yannick Ford, David Hughes, Jonathan Hughes, Gordon Kell, Pete Ollerhead, David Pulman, George Stevens, Paul Thomson and Stephen Thomson); edited by David Anderson. What is Psalm 119 all about? Just one theme – the excellency and value of the Word of God. For Christians, the Word of God not only furnishes us with a knowledge of the living God, but it also speaks of the Christ who has revealed Him.

Glenn Baxter:

Glenn Baxter (1943-2010) spent his working life as an accountant. He became a Christian at the age of eight, and grew up to be an outstanding evangelist, pastor and teacher, with a special gift of challenging ministry for young people. At home in Southport he worked tirelessly with young and old in the activities of the Christians with whom he met, and his ministry extended beyond local Bible studies to camps, houseparties and conferences within the United Kingdom. In recent years, as its chairman, he wisely guided the activities of Scripture Truth Publications, and he was a regular broadcaster on the Truth for Today radio programme.

"What a God we Christians have!" by Glenn BaxterWhat a God we Christians have!

ISBN: 978 0 901860 59 0;   Paperback;   208 pages;   £9.25 (UK); $15.75 (USA)

This book contains edited transcripts of all Glenn's radio broadcasts. They cover a wide variety of topics including Old Testament character studies, key Christian teachings, and studies in New Testament books. With the needs of young Christians to the fore in each case, the emphasis is on clarity of exposition and challenge in application. Read, enjoy and share Glenn's delight in "what a God we Christians have!"

George Bell:

George Bell (1922-2004) was originally from Tyneside. His job as a college lecturer in engineering led him to West Drayton and then to Birmingham. In his later years he settled in Ipswich with his family. He was much respected for his manner of life and as a Bible teacher both locally and nationally.

"Is Jesus Head of the Church?" by George BellIs Jesus... Head of the Church? [no longer available]

ISBN: 0 901860 35 2;   Paperback;   16 pages;   £0.99

Who controls the church? In today's world, it is vital to have a biblical answer to this important question. The Lord Jesus is Head of His church, His body, controlling and directing it by His Holy Spirit. A church that does not answer to its Head is as lifeless as a headless body.

In the natural realm, a head must be connected to a body or both are useless and neither functions. In the spiritual realm of Christianity, things are different. We have a Head in heaven, Jesus, and a body on earth, the whole Christian company throughout the world. It is by the person of the Holy Spirit that the Head in heaven is linked with His body on earth.

In Colossians, the author considers the greatness of the person of Jesus Christ as the one who is the Head of the Church. His greatness is known because, as "the image of the invisible God", He represents God and makes God known. The impact for the Church is that we should make God known: as the body is to give expression to, and is controlled by, the Head.

In Ephesians and 1st Corinthians, Paul shows that the truth of Christ as Head of the Church also has very practical lessons for Christians in husband/wife relationships.

Lastly, the author touches upon a related topic of Christ as the head stone of the corner. Here the teaching likens the Christian company to a building. As a building is constructed it has a fixed reference point, the reference point is Christ as the Chief corner stone. However, at the same time, when the building is considered as a complete structure He is the head stone of the corner - the stone that is given prominence in the structure as the crowning glory to the building.

Hazel Dixon:

Hazel Dixon (1923-2015) was active in the Lord's service, particularly ministering to Christian women, for many years. Her books reflect the love and devotion she has for her Lord and for His people.

"Immanuel (Reflections on the Incarnation)" by Hazel DixonImmanuel (Reflections on the Incarnation)

ISBN: 0 901860 23 9;   Paperback;   23 pages;   £1.25

This book of beautiful poems is ideal as a Christmas gift which the recipient will treasure for many years. Written over a period of many years, the poems in this book are soundly based upon what the Bible says about the very first Christmas.

Now available as a Kindle eBook:

"Give us an Inheritance" by Hazel DixonGive us an Inheritance

ISBN: 0 901860 10 7;   Paperback;   94 pages;   £2.95

People don't change and neither does the Word of God. Amid the decay of western Civilisation, the Christian woman of today can learn valuable lessons from a family of five girls in the book of Joshua. This book will inspire us all to faith, vision, resolution and commitment.

Hazel Dixon and Jane Worsley:

"Head Covering" by Hazel Dixon and Jane WorsleyHead Covering

ISBN: 0 901860 26 3;   Paperback;   12 pages;   £1.50

"All Scripture is given by inspiration of God" 2 Timothy ch.3 v.16; taking this verse as a launching pad, Hazel and Jane challenge us to look again at a largely neglected Biblical teaching.

Now available as a Kindle eBook:

Yannick Ford:

Yves-Yannick Ford was born in 1969 and spent his childhood in Buckinghamshire, UK. His parents and grandparents taught him the importance and value of the Bible as the Word of God, and it was through reading and re-reading the Epistle to the Romans that Yannick found settled peace and assurance of salvation as a young man. He studied biochemistry and works as a scientist in Kent, UK, where he lives with his wife and four children.

"The Gospel in Job" by Yannick FordThe Gospel in Job

ISBN: 978 0 901860 76 7;   Paperback;   112 pages;   £6.00

ISBN: 978 0 901860 77 4;   Hardback;   112 pages;   £17.25

Yannick is keen for others to read the Bible and experience its life-changing power too, since it is "living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword" (Hebrews 4:12), and God uses His Word to cause us to be born again (James 1:18; 1 Peter 1:23). This is one of the purposes of the commentary on Job - to show how, all through the Bible, there is one message of salvation, and how we can enter into a relationship of peace and joy with God through the work of the Lord Jesus Christ. A second objective is to show how the lessons that Job learned can teach us not to rely on ourselves, but to trust in the Lord Jesus who has not only forgiven our sins, but has also dealt with our sinful nature and gives us the power to live a life that is pleasing to Him. The author takes up the points made by Job and his friends in their long series of speeches, and shows how these can be understood in the light of the Bible as a whole.

"Fruit for Christ's Labour" by Yannick FordFruit for Christ's Labour

ISBN: 978 0 901860 74 3;   Paperback;   84 pages;   £6.00

"He shall see the labour of His soul, and be satisfied", prophesied Isaiah. His prophecy was fulfilled by the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus, with wonderful far-reaching results. They are the fruit of the labour of Jesus: closely associated with our current and future blessing. The author explores some of this glorious fruit in this book.

Jonathan Hughes:

Jonathan Hughes, together with his wife, Dawn, keeps busy bringing up their three children for the Lord and working in a hospital. In addition, he has a keen interest in showing what the Bible teaches, especially to young people.

"The Christian and Commitment" by Jonathan HughesThe Christian and... Commitment [now available with three other books in Some Problems Christians Face]

ISBN: 0 901860 37 9;   Paperback;   16 pages;   £0.99

This booklet cuts right across the easy-going "What's in it for me?" attitude that characterises much of 21st Century living. It calls for a thoroughgoing commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ. Read it and be challenged!

Ruth Keable:

"Jeus - a true story" by Ruth KeableRuth Keable lives in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne with her husband, John. She wrote this book while both her daughters (now married) were younger and she was working part-time in a local school.

Jesus - a true story

ISBN: 0 901860 41 7;   Paperback;   108 pages;   £5.99 (UK); $9.99 (USA)

Ruth told her daughters about the life of Jesus from an early age. She has also spent many years working on the staff of Christian summer youth camps, where she has listened to many questions about Jesus from young people and provided considered and comprehensible answers. Now she has brought these answers together in sequence in a readable new retelling of the enthralling life of Jesus.

Gordon Kell:

Gordon Kell is much in demand as a Bible teacher, especially in dealing with practical subjects. He and his wife, June, have long had an interest in helping and encouraging young Christians.

"The Christian and Temptation" by Gordon KellThe Christian and... Temptation [now available with three other books in Some Problems Christians Face]

ISBN: 0 901860 32 8;   Paperback;   16 pages;   £0.99

Satan is a past master in the art of temptation. After all, he has had thousands of years of experience in thus opposing the people of God. None of us, in ourselves, is immune from his attacks. This booklet helps us to understand the nature of temptation and looks at ways to overcome it.

"The Christian and Conflict" by Gordon KellThe Christian and... Conflict [now available with three other books in Some Problems Christians Face]

ISBN: 0 901860 38 7;   Paperback;   16 pages;   £0.99

"Divide and rule" seems to be Satan's policy in his attacks on the Church today. But why does he have to be so successful? This booklet takes a helpful look at the problems Christians face in getting on with one another.

"Footsteps in the Snow: 105 Days of lockdown" by Gordon KellFootsteps in the Snow: 105 Days of lockdown

ISBN: 978 0 9511515 7 ;   Paperback;   234 pages;   £11.50

“Footsteps in the Snow: 105 Days in lockdown” was started on day three of the COVID-19 lockdown in the UK. It is a series of devotional impressions written as the author reflected on different Bible verses early each morning of lockdown.

Most of the content was written as stand-alone impressions, but there are also some short series based on characters and themes. The book can be used as a daily Bible reading aid or simply picked up and read in short bursts.

Gordon Spratt and Bos Menzies:

Gordon Spratt (d.1993) was for many years engaged in Bible teaching throughout Britain, increasingly so following his retirement from a responsible role within Unilever. He had a particular interest in encouraging the young. This was reflected in the straightforward style of his speaking and writing.

Bos Menzies has been Senior Teacher (Curriculum) in a large comprehensive school, Head of School of Communications in a tertiary college, Managing Director of a Christian Charity involved in supporting adults with learning disability - and all that time he has been a passionate Bible teacher. Now he does this full-time!

"Biblio-file" (new Second Edition - completely revised) by Gordon Spratt and Bos MenziesBiblio-file

ISBN: 0 901860 40 9; Ring-bound; 320 pages; £14.99

A compact companion to the Bible in plain English: Biblio-file sets the Bible story from the past to the future into context for today's Christian. It summarises each Bible book, outlines major Christian teachings and opens up the Bible's plan for the future. The much revised Second Edition retains the original's loose-leaf standard 6-ring binding.

Ted Murray:

Ted Murray (1935-2010), born at Newcastle upon Tyne, was rescued from the rubble of his Granny's bomb-damaged house in 1941 and still remembers the text hanging on her wall: "Kept by the power of God". He experienced salvation by faith at the age of 14 years whilst living with relatives in Beverley, East Yorkshire, and found fellowship with a group of Brethren some three years later. Travelling abroad during his working life as an engineer gave Ted the opportunity to minister to God's people in various parts of the world. Located in Brighouse, West Yorkshire, with his wife Rosemary, he continued to preach the Gospel and minister the word of God in his local assembly and the surrounding area until his death in 2010. His four children all serve the Lord, and Ted and his wife took great delight in them and their many grandchildren. His written ministry began in 2002, after his retirement from full time employment.

"Lessons from Ezra" by Ted MurrayLessons from Ezra

ISBN: 978 0 901860 75 0;   Paperback;   84 pages;   £5.99

What relevance can the book of Ezra, dating from the 5th century BC, have for Christians in the 21st century AD? It tells us that, whether they realize it or not, God's sovereign will is carried out by world rulers. It also shows that God faithfully supplies whatever His people need. This provokes a response in faith of practical obedience to God's Word. Further, the book of Ezra demonstrates the importance of putting what is due to God first in our lives. We are reminded that whenever God is at work there will always be opposition to be overcome, calling for courage, faith and energy. There are instructive examples too of sharing in the work of God. Perhaps the most important contemporary lesson is that the spiritual condition of the people deteriorates when there is compromise with the world around. Losing sight of their distinctiveness as a people for God led to massive problems for the Jewish nation, and it is easy to see the analogy with the Church in our own day.

"Lessons from Nehemiah" by Ted MurrayLessons from Nehemiah

ISBN: 978 0 901860 86 6;   Paperback;   124 pages;   £6.50

Breakdown was very evident. The people of God were demoralised; the testimony was in disarray. There were, however, a few who were very concerned about the state of affairs and were prepared to do something about it. Today, as we look around us in Christendom, we are also troubled by the state of things. The testimony to Christ, of which we are a part, is in disarray. The authority of God's word is being set aside in favour of more politically correct opinions. Infighting and intrigue are prevalent amongst the people of God, resulting in abject weakness and a decline in numbers. Is it sufficient to say to ourselves, "It is a day of small things. We should be satisfied with the things that remain."? Or should we, like Nehemiah of old, be concerned and be people with a mission?

Philip Nunn:

Philip Nunn served the Lord as a missionary and Bible teacher for fifteen years in Colombia, South America. During this period he was regularly engaged with the important topic of forgiveness. While counselling men and women he observed lives being changed as they chose to obey the Lord Jesus and forgive. Now back in Europe, he continues to help Christians forgive those who have hurt them, and so remove the hindrances to their spiritual growth.

"The Transforming Power of Forgiveness" by Philip NunnThe Transforming Power of Forgiveness

ISBN: 978 0 901860 91 0;   Paperback;   90 pages;   £6.00

"One of the greatest problems among Christians today is bitterness and lack of forgiveness. It spreads like a poison in our communities." This book explores forgiveness from a Biblical perspective. Part One takes a practical approach to the subject, while Part Two explores its doctrinal basis.

"Reasons to Believe" by Philip NunnReasons to Believe

ISBN: 978 0 901860 96 5;   Paperback;   104 pages;   £6.50

Philip Nunn discusses the basics of faith and asks whether Christianity makes sense. He answers questions such as: How certain can we be? Why is truth important? Are there no other ways to God than Jesus? He examines critical arguments against the Christian faith and shows why they are not sustainable.

Peter Ollerhead:

Peter Ollerhead began work as an apprentice at Rolls Royce. He subsequently trained as a primary school teacher. Now retired, he spends his time in serving the Lord and maintaining his interest in second hand books.

"The Christian and Hypocrisy" by Peter OllerheadThe Christian and... Hypocrisy [now available with three other books in Some Problems Christians Face]

ISBN: 0 901860 33 6;   Paperback;   16 pages;   £0.99

Reality or pretence? Do not read this book unless you are prepared to be challenged by it! It surveys the Bible's teaching on a subject that is all too prevalent in today's world.

"Is Jesus Lord?" by Peter OllerheadIs Jesus... Lord? [no longer available]

ISBN: 0 901860 34 4;   Paperback;   16 pages;   £0.99

"Why do you call Me 'Lord, Lord', and do not do the things which I say?" (Luke 6:46) are the telling words of Jesus. This booklet sets out the biblical view of the Lordship of Christ and challenges us to examine our response to His Lordship.

The word Lord implies power, authority and control. Throughout the Lord's life in this world we have numerous recorded instances where His power, authority and control was demonstrated. The Lord being a man in this world in no way reduced His deity, but we see demonstrated in Him the fullness of divine capabilities, though in restraint.

The death and resurrection of Jesus is but another clear demonstration of the Lordship of Jesus. Lordship is bound up in the gospel message, as the jailor at Philippi discovered when the words of salvation were proclaimed, "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved".

Finally the author reminds us that in terms of Lordship Jesus has no equal in the whole of creation and the book of revelation highlights this truth when Jesus is made known as "King of kings and Lord of lords".

The author closes by considering the practical impact of Jesus as Lord for my life as a Christian. Is Jesus MY Lord?

David Pulman:

David Pulman was born in 1945 at Newcastle upon Tyne. After completing his education in that city he work for public utilities, mainly in Information Technology, until taking early retirement from British Gas based at Solihull at the end of 1996. Since then David has devoted his time to serving the Lord in the UK.

"Is Jesus a Man?" by David PulmanIs Jesus... a Man? [no longer available]

ISBN: 0 901860 29 8;   Paperback;   16 pages;   £0.99

Was Jesus really a man in the true sense of the word? This booklet explores from birth to death many events in His busy life which show that the Man Jesus was fully in the public gaze of friend and hostile critic. His reactions and responses as recorded in the Bible were observed and yet never once was His humanity questioned.

George E. Stevens:

George Stevens was born in Bath, Somerset, England just after World War II. At the age of about fourteen, he confessed Christ as the Son of God, but had no firm assurance of salvation until he heard the Gospel preached in a small "Brethren" hall in Hounslow. He was in his twenties at the time. Once assured of salvation, one of George's main Bible studies was "Christ in All the Scriptures". This led to a delight in the Song of Solomon to which he has returned many times during his Christian life. George was a primary school teacher for about thirty-two years before stepping down from a headship a few years ago.

"Christ is My beloved" by George E. StevensChrist is My Beloved

ISBN: 978 0 901860 84 2;   Paperback;   200 pages;   £9.00

Meditations stemming from a devotional study of portraits of Christ in the Song of Solomon.

John Weston:

John is no stranger to the Holy Land. He worked there for several years and as an accredited guide, has led many tours. He has an intimate knowledge of Israel which comes across in his writing; as does an insight into the Scriptures which will touch the hearts and minds of his readers.

"The Holy Land" by John WestonThe Holy Land

ISBN: 0 901860 15 8;   Paperback;   75 pages;    £6.95

The Holy Land has been the focus of the world's attention for centuries. For the Christian it is the land where God revealed Himself to His ancient people and where His Son, Jesus Christ, was born, lived and died, and from where, after His resurrection, He ascended into heaven.

This book is a devotional journey which brings vividly to life many of the Old and New Testament stories. It is a Christ centred journey; one for the Christian disciple who wants a greater insight into the places in which the Son of God lived and worked. It is also a journey that looks on to events yet to be fulfilled.

Patmos Speaks Today

ISBN: 978-0-901860-66-8;   Paperback;   88 pages;    £5.99

John Weston has spent many years leading tours of Biblical sites in the Middle East. Now he has brought together a series of meditations, first on the Isle of Patmos, and then on each of the seven churches in present-day Turkey which are mentioned in the early chapters of the book of Revelation in the Bible. With his attractive, alliterative style, the author transports the reader to the place where the Apostle John saw his apocalyptic vision of Jesus Christ. What was it like? What were the themes which were unfolded to him? Reading the first chapter, one could almost be sitting in the Apostle's cave on the Isle of Patmos as the tour guide sets the scene! At appropriate points the explanation is reinforced with a familiar (or unfamiliar) hymn. John, in his vision, received dictated letters for seven first-century churches in cities of the country which is now Turkey. The author leads the reader to each church in turn and the significance of the correspondence it received is reviewed from historical, prophetic and topical points of view. Strong arguments are advanced for the continuing relevance of these letters to churches and individual Christians today. The tour ends with a grand review of each place visited and the comparative lessons to be learned. So is the book simply a tour guide? As preparation for, a souvenir of, or a virtual replacement for a tour of Patmos and the Seven Churches, this book is ideal. But it is much more than that. As an easy-to-read meditation on the early chapters of the book of Revelation, considered within the framework of the prophetic and practical teachings of the rest of the Old and New Testaments, it is a valuable aid to those who really want to know the relevance of Revelation for the twenty-first century Christian.

Contemporary Catalogue

Title ISBN Author
The Importance of God's Word: Meditations on Psalm 119 978-0-901860-99-6 Anderson, David (editor)
Remembering my Creator since my youth 978-0-901860-93-4 Anderson, David
What a God we Christians have! 978-0-901860-59-0 Baxter, Glenn W
Immanuel 0901860239 Dixon, Hazel
Give Us an Inheritance 0901860107 Dixon, Hazel
Head Covering 0901860263 Jane Worsley, Hazel Dixon
The Gospel in Job 978-0-901860-76-7 (paperback)
978-0-901860-77-4 (hardback)
Ford, Yannick
Fruit for Christ's Labour 978-0-901860-74-3 (paperback) Ford, Yannick
Jesus - a true story 0901860417 Keable, Ruth
Some Problems Christians Face 978-0-901860-58-1 Gordon Kell,  Peter Ollerhead and Jonathan Hughes
Footsteps in the Snow: 105 Days of lockdown 978-0-9511515-7-0 Gordon Kell
Biblio-file (2nd Edition) 0901860409 Gordon Spratt, Bos Menzies
Lessons from Ezra 978-0-901860-75-0 Murray, Ted
Lessons from Nehemiah 978-0-901860-86-6 Murray, Ted
The Transforming Power of Forgiveness 978-0-901860-91-0 Nunn, Philip
Reasons to Believe 978-0-901860-96-5 Nunn, Philip
Christ is My Beloved 978-0-901860-84-2 Stevens, George E.
Paul's Letter to the Colossians 978-0-901860-95-8 George Stevens, Douglas Pettman, Ernie Brown, George Bell, Gordon Kell and David Anderson; John Rice (editor)
The Holy Land 0901860158 Weston, John
Patmos Speaks Today 978-0-901860-66-8 Weston, John

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