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Discovering Jesus CD-ROM front cover"Discovering Jesus"

A Journey Back in Time...

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Discovering Jesus is a multimedia PC CD-ROM introducing children of Primary School age (and above) to Jesus Christ.

"As a head teacher of a Christian school, I recommend the Discovering Jesus CD-ROM. I found it very educational as well as inspirational, encouraging children of all ages in their discovery of who God is and what Christ has done for them. I am very satisfied by this product both as a teacher and as a mother and appreciate Christian resources such as this one that are professional, spiritually sound and up to date with computer technology."

Mrs Sandrine Goodey
Head teacher of Greater Grace School, Chester

Jesus Christ, the Man at the heart of the Christian faithJesus Christ is the Man at the heart of the Christian faith; but who is He? Where did He live? What did He do and teach? Why was He executed like a criminal? Why do millions of Christians believe He rose from the dead and is still living today?

"Discovering Jesus" is a new interactive CD-ROM designed to teach children about Jesus. It features stories from the life of Christ and activities to allow the children to have fun while they learn.

The program is operated only by a mouse - allowing young children to enjoy the computer without the worry of accidental command key incidents.

Once the program is installed, the child will discover:

The Nativity: Jesus Christ is bornThe Nativity Zone

Where was Jesus born? Who announced His birth? Who came to visit Him? Why was His birth important? These questions are answered in this zone.

The Miracle Zone: a storm on Lake GalileeThe Miracle Zone

Here the child will learn how Jesus brought a great calm to a stormy sea. Watch as He frees a tormented man from the evil spirits that imprisoned him. See Jesus heal a poor sick woman and bring a young girl who has died back to life!

The Outsider Zone: who is my neighbour?The Outsider Zone

How should we treat people who are "different"? This zone features a story Jesus told to teach us the meaning of "loving our neighbour".

Trouble? with this crowd?The Trouble Zone

Hear accounts of the trial and death of Jesus from the people who were there and involved. Decide who you think was a friend of Jesus and who really hated Him. Reflect on your own view about who Jesus was.

The Power Zone: the tomb's empty - where's Jesus?The Power Zone

Did Jesus really come back to life? The story is told in order that the child can form an opinion about why Christians believe He did. They are encouraged to think about it for themselves.

Discovering Jesus CD-ROM back coverActivities

After each Zone there is the opportunity to interact with the story, thus ensuring the viewer has learned something from the story. Included among the interactive section are jigsaws, quizzes, newspaper headlines maps and a guided tour of history from Jesus' day to the present. The Travel Zone shows how all of history (including our calendar) is centred on Jesus Himself, and a "People and Places" feature gives a map of where the action happened.

Discovering Jesus is backed-up by its own web site, which contains sample screens and helpful advice.

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