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J S Blackburn:

John Blackburn was a gifted Bible teacher with a heart for the young. He was, for many years, associated with the "Young Peoples Christian Conference".

Shew Us the Father

ISBN: 0 901860 03 4;   Paperback;   29 pages;   £1.70

Taking studies from the gospel by John this book looks at: The Father's Love; The Father's Bosom; The Father's Commandment; The Worship of the Father; The Father's Working; The Father's House.

"Seek Ye First" by John S BlackburnSeek Ye First: A Study of the Kingdom of God

A study of the Kingdom of God: the nature and values of the Kingdom; the relationship between its present apparent imperfection and future visible glory; Israel, the Kingdom and the Church; the action of God in establishing it; and the corresponding responsibilities laid on believers.

ISBN: 978-0-901860-61-3;   Paperback;   136 pages;   £7.00

ISBN: 978-0-901860-02-6;   Hardback;   136 pages;   £18.00

"Canaan Possessed" by John S BlackburnCanaan Possessed: Studies in Ephesians and Joshua

A collection of articles from Scripture Truth magazine on the subject of “The Christian’s Canaan”. They explore the way in which the Old Testament book of Joshua illuminates the themes of the New Testament letter to the Ephesians.

ISBN: 978-0-9511515-4-9;   Paperback;   178 pages;   £9.50

Colin Curry:

For many years, Colin was editor of Scripture Truth magazine. He was known for his clarity of thinking and his ability to set out Biblical truths in a direct and challenging manner.

"Guidelines for 20th Century Christians" by Colin CurryGuidelines for 20th Century Christians

ISBN: 0 901860 00 X;   Paperback;   62 pages;   £2.00

Published as "Guidelines for 20th Century Christians", this little book is just as relevant to Christians of the 21st Century! It looks at Paul's letters to the Galatians, Philippians, Corinthians, Colossians and Thessalonians. He argues that the teaching given to the Christians of the first century AD are still relevant today.

"The Heart of Christianity" by Colin CurryThe Heart of Christianity

ISBN: 0 901860 08 5;   Paperback;    76 pages;   £2.75

"What Think Ye of Christ?" Colin challenges Christians with this pointed question. He insists on the Biblical view of Christ: His Unique Excellence, His Absolute Pre-eminence, His Supreme Glory. Many versions of Christianity exist; some have very little of Christ in them. This book will challenge you to declare that "Christ is all!"

"Responding to God's Word" by Colin CurryResponding to God's Word

ISBN: 0 901860 19 0;   Paperback;   80 pages;   £3.50

This book looks at some important principles which should guide the reader in understanding the message of the Bible. It emphasises the fact that the Bible, unlike any other book demands a response in practical living from it's reader.

F A Hughes:

F A Hughes was well known among the brethren as a man of God who cared deeply for the honour of the Lord Jesus and the preciousness of the saints. His writings reflect his heart for God and His people.

"Incidents in Personal Evangelism" by F A Hughes(Incidents in) Personal Evangelism

ISBN: 0 901860 01 8;   Paperback;   34 pages;   £0.75

The author's aim in writing this book is twofold: Firstly, it is hoped that the stories will lead readers to realise that Jesus is Lord and will receive God's gift of salvation. Secondly, that we, who know and love the Lord, should be active in evangelism. The book is a series of accounts and testimonies of the way the Lord is able to use those who desire to reach others for His glory and their eternal salvation.

"The Lord's Supper leading to Worship" by F A HughesThe Lord's Supper leading to Worship

ISBN: 978-0-901860-60-6;    Paperback;    92 pages;   £7.00

It is sad that in much of the Christian church the importance of the Lord's Supper has lost its appeal. How soon we forget the great cost of our salvation. This book sets out to stimulate once again a love for the Lord and to emphasise the central role of the remembrance of Him in our lives. Drawing upon Old Testament types and pictures along with studies on the Person of Christ, this is an excellent read for those thinking about obedience to the Lord's request: "Remember Me."

R D Mahers:

"What Does The Bible Teach?" by R D MahersRon Mahers wrote this little booklet to challenge Jehovah's Witnesses to consider their beliefs in the light of the Bible.

What Does The Bible Teach?

ISBN: 978-0-901860-89-7;   Paperback;   16 pages;   £0.60

Addressed to a Jehovah's Witness, this booklet compares and contrasts their teaching with that of the Bible in relation to the person and work of Christ and personal hope for the future.

Gordon Spratt:

Gordon Spratt (d.1993) was for many years engaged in Bible teaching throughout Britain. Although he had a large heart for all the people of God, he had a particular interest in young people. That was reflected in the straightforward style of his speaking and writing.

"In Remembrance of Me" by Gordon SprattIn Remembrance of Me

ISBN: 0 901860 18 2;   Paperback;   51 pages;   £3.00

This book sets out the central place the remembrance feast ought to have in the life of the Christian. It looks at the institution of the Lord's Supper by the Lord Himself and its significance as an act of Christian fellowship.

"Twelve Stones" by Gordon SprattTwelve Stones

ISBN: 0 9511515 0 9;   Paperback;   71 pages;   £1.95

Christianity today is often presented as an emotional experience or a social responsibility. In this, there is a danger that the doctrinal basis of Christianity is neglected. The short studies in this book present the foundation truths of Christianity in a way that can be understood by young people. The book also seeks to stimulate the reader into further study of the Word of God, which is the only way of ensuring that we hold to the faith once delivered to the saints.

"Are We Nearly There?" by Gordon SprattAre We Nearly There?

ISBN: 0 9511515 1 7 (Published by the Greatheart Trust);   Paperback ;   52 pages;   £1.50

Where does God want us to get to in our Christian lives? What experiences can we expect along the way? Are we nearly there? The children in the back of a car, on the way to a holiday may not be sure where they are going, but they know it will be great when they get there! Do we understand where God is taking us? Do we know how far we have come, or how much further we have to go? Have we got a clear picture of what might happen to us on the way? This little book will help you to understand God's plan for your life.

Gordon Spratt and Bos Menzies:

Gordon Spratt (d.1993) was for many years engaged in Bible teaching throughout Britain, increasingly so following his retirement from a responsible role within Unilever. He had a particular interest in encouraging the young. This was reflected in the straightforward style of his speaking and writing.

Bos Menzies has been Senior Teacher (Curriculum) in a large comprehensive school, Head of School of Communications in a tertiary college, Managing Director of a Christian Charity involved in supporting adults with learning disability - and all that time he has been a passionate Bible teacher. Now he does this full-time!

"Biblio-file" (new Second Edition - completely revised) by Gordon Spratt and Bos MenziesBiblio-file

ISBN: 0 901860 40 9; Ring-bound; 320 pages; £19.99

A compact companion to the Bible in plain English: Biblio-file sets the Bible story from the past to the future into context for today's Christian. It summarises each Bible book, outlines major Christian teachings and opens up the Bible's plan for the future. The much revised Second Edition retains the original's loose-leaf standard 6-ring binding.

Late 20th Century Catalogue

Title ISBN Author
Shew Us the Father 0901860034 Blackburn, John S.
Seek Ye First 978-0-901860-61-3 (paperback)
978-0-901860-02-6 (hardback)
Blackburn, John S.
Canaan Possessed 978-0-9511515-4-9 (paperback)
Blackburn, John S.
Guidelines for 20th Century Christians 090186000X Curry, Colin
The Heart of Christianity 0901860085 Curry, Colin
Responding to God's Word 0901860190 Curry, Colin
Incidents in Personal Evangelism 0901860018 Hughes, Frederick Albert
The Lord's Supper leading to Worship 978-0-901860-60-6 (paperback) Hughes, Frederick Albert
What Does The Bible Teach? 978-0-901860-89-7 Mahers, R D
In Remembrance of Me 0901860182 Spratt, R. Gordon
Twelve Stones 0951151509 Spratt, R. Gordon
Are We Nearly There? 0951151517 Spratt, R. Gordon
Biblio-file 0901860409 Spratt, Gordon, Menzies, Bos

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