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Scripture Truth is a major retailer of second-hand books - particularly those associated with the Brethren - the writings of the likes of J N Darby, W Kelly, C H Mackintosh, J G Bellett and G V Wigram from the 19th Century, and A J Pollock, F B Hole and Hamilton Smith from the 20th.

We have books from over 1700 authors and over 800 publishers, ranging from modern paperbacks to scarce and rare 19th Century editions. To give you an idea of what kinds of books we sell, the section below summarises the subjects they cover.

We have also listed some of the 19th Century authors and publishers whose books we have had in stock in the past.

We offer over 6,000 books online at Abebooks, and on a regular (usually quarterly) basis we list a selection from our stock of second-hand books on our Second-hand Selection page, where orders for these items can be placed. These lists often include scarce or rare volumes.

Stock changes constantly, and if you have a requirement for a particular book, contact our staff by e-mail with your inquiry.

Typical Subjects Covered

Bibles; Dictionaries, Concordances, Handbooks, Study Aids, etc; Expository: Books of the Bible, Bible Characters; General Subjects: Prayer, Prayers and Worship, the Holy Spirit, Revival, Christian Life, Church Order, Lord's Suffering, Propitiation and Atonement, Death and The Life Beyond, Life of Christ, Tabernacle System, Priesthood, High Priest's Garments, Feasts and Offerings, The Church; Daily Readings; Prophecy and Eschatology; Evangelical/Mission; Charismatic Analysis; Suffering and Consolation; Poetry: Hymns; Letters; Authority of Scripture; Israel: Geography and Bible Atlases, Jewish History, Plants and Animals in the Bible, Judaism; Science, Creation and Evolution; Archaeology; Marriage and Family and Relationships; Social and Ethical and Current Issues; Children: Teaching Children, Children's Bible Stories, Children's Fiction (Christian); Church History; Bound Periodicals; Preaching Outlines and Aids to Preachers; Fiction and Allegory (Christian); Manuscripts (i.e. Biblical Texts); Music: CDs, Tapes, Tune Books; Denominations (Doctrines and History, etc); Religions (Comparative); Cults and the Occult

Typical 19th Century Authors

R Anderson, J Angus, W Arnot, J G Bellett, E Bickersteth, A A Bonar, H Bowman, T Brooks, H D Brown, T Brown, T Chalmers, T L Cuyler, J N Darby, J T Davidson, E Dennett, H Drummond, F W Farrar, J Farrar, G C Findlay, E M Goulbourn, S B Gould, H B Hackett, C Hadley, J Hamilton, E H Hopkins, W Kelly, E N Kirk, A S Lamb, C E Little, J R MacDuff, J MacFarlane, C H Mackintosh, A Murray, R Newton, B North, A Oxenden, A T Pierson, W Reid, A B Simpson, C H Spurgeon, T C Upham, B Wescott, W Whiston, G V Wigram, T Wilcox, H F Witherby, etc.

Typical 19th Century Publishers

A S Rouse, Alex Strahan, Allan, H R Allenson, Bohn, Broom & Rouse, Cassell, Constable, Darton, Eyre and Spottiswoode, G Morrish, Hatchards, Hodder, Holness, J Blackwood, J Carter, J Nichol, J Nisbett, Mack, MacMillan, Oliphant, Partridge, Passmore, Paternoster, Rivingtons, Rutherford, S.P.C.K., Seeley, Skeffington, T Nelson, T Weston, W H Broom, Warne, Wm Hunt, etc.

Online book sales at Abebooks

We have a selection of over 6,000 used books for sale at Abebooks (the Advanced Book Exchange). We specialise in the writings of the Plymouth Brethren but you will also find books by well-known, and not so well-known, evangelical writers. A typical selection (apart from William Kelly, J G Bellett, C H Mackintosh and John Nelson Darby) might include volumes by Sir Robert Anderson, H P Barker, Colonel Jacob, W T P Wolston, J G Deck, Andrew Miller, J T Mawson, F B Hole, F F Bruce, Campbell Morgan, Andrew Bonar, Charles Haddon Spurgeon, L Berkhof and W E Vine as well as contemporary authors.

Using Abebooks means that our customers worldwide have a choice of currency and language in which to search, browse, and buy our stock.

Search or browse Scripture Truth's listings at the Advanced Book Exchange, with books priced in dollars, pounds, or Euros (in French, German, Italian or Spanish)


The valuable work we undertake, helping to spread the Gospel of Christ, and the good news of the Kingdom of God, can only continue with the help of the many Christians worldwide who support us. Of course we are grateful to receive direct financial help in the form of gifts - both once-only and regularly - and legacies, but a large proportion of the required finance is raised from the sale of Christian books which have been donated to us.

Please, offer us any Christian books which you no longer require, or which you have been left. 

If you would like to make a gift to us, please use the "Contact Us" link at the top of this page.

Where appropriate, we are prepared to make payment for quality used Christian books which significantly enhance the stock we carry.

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