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We are able to offer a wide variety of means by which you may order our own publications.

Order directly from this web site

Pre-paid orders

Direct online ordering with pre-payment using credit and (in the UK) debit cards via PayPal is available for Scripture Truth magazine (UK and overseas), Cheering Words calendar, and talks from the Truth for Today radio programme by Glenn Baxter and others.

Orders to be invoiced and paid for using credit and (in the UK) debit cards via PayPal

Our Web Order page, shows our publications under the nine categories: Understanding Christianity, Understanding the Old Testament, Understanding the New Testament, Truth for Today, Gleanings from the Past, Hymn Books, CDs and Cassettes, Scripture Truth Magazine and Miscellaneous. From time to time special offers may be available on some of these publications, and these are shown on the Promotions page. From time to time a selection of recently acquired used books are offered on our Used Book Selection page. When online orders are placed directly via these pages, you will then be invoiced through PayPal for the total cost of your order (including shipping) for payment via a suitable credit or debit card.

Payment method for all orders from our "Used Book Selection", "Promotions" and "STP Web Order" pages

When we receive your online order from one of the above pages we will send you a PayPal invoice for the total cost of your order (including shipping). When this invoice has been paid, the goods will be shipped. [Payment of this invoice can be made with a suitable credit or debit card at PayPal's web site. You do not need to open an account with PayPal to make your payment (though you may, of course, do so if you wish).]

Order; receive a PayPal invoice; pay by debit or credit card; receive your order.

Please note that, throughout this site, US Dollar prices only apply to books purchased from retailers who obtain our products directly or indirectly from our on-demand printer/distributor in the USA.

Order via Online Booksellers

We have a Local Online Ordering page of links to online booksellers for customers in the UK, USA, Canada, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain, Australia and Japan.

Not all booksellers supply all our books, and new books may take a little time to appear in their catalogues, so not all links may be operational immediately.

The list is not exhaustive, and new online retailers are springing up all the time throughout the world. Always check out your local online bookseller, as they may be able to offer our books with low cost local postage rates.

Often, our books published before July 2006 are displayed as being temporarily unavailable from Amazon directly. However, they are usually available (new or used) from sellers (such as ourselves: scripturetruth is our seller name) in the Amazon Marketplace. Simply select the book you are interested in on the Local Online Ordering page. and select Amazon as the bookseller, and you should find us there.

Order New and Used Books via AbeBooks (the Advanced Book Exchange)

New and used books can be ordered from our AbeBooks store. Search or browse Scripture Truth's listings at the Advanced Book Exchange, with books priced in dollars, pounds, or Euros (in French, German, Italian or Spanish).

Order eBooks online

Scripture Truth’s eBooks for the Amazon Kindle

Our Amazon Kindle eBooks may be ordered from the Kindle store via the links on the eBooks page.

Scripture Truth’s eBooks at Google Play

Our eBooks available on Google Play may be ordered via the links on the eBooks page.

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