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If you have questions about God's Inspiration of the Scriptures, then William Kelly's book is just the thing, and if you want a good overview of the contents of each individual book in the Bible, then it contains that too! If you really want to know what the Bible really says about the way the Church should operate, the same author's Lectures on the Church is well worth a read; but be prepared to have your ideas challenged! Both of these William Kelly titles are available in both hardback and paperback editions.

Edward Dennett:

Born in 1831, Edward was brought up as an Anglican and later became a Baptist minister. While abroad, after an illness, he came into contact with the "Brethren" and took on the teaching of Christians gathering to the Lord's Name alone. He passed into the Lord's presence in 1914.

"Daniel the Prophet" by Edward DennettDaniel the Prophet

ISBN: TBA;   Paperback;   206 pages;   £2.95

Using the prophecy of Daniel, this book takes on a tour of history, looking at "the times of the Gentiles". It then looks into the future dealing with life on earth after the return of the Lord for His own. This book will be invaluable to any student of Biblical prophecy.

William Kelly:

William Kelly (1821-1906) was an outstanding classical scholar in his generation, preacher, teacher, editor of several influential religious magazines and of John Nelson Darby's "Collected Writings", and a prolific author in his own right. He was a major figure in the late nineteenth century return to basic biblical teaching usually known as the Brethren movement, often seen as the cradle of dispensationalism. A Canadian contemporary described him as "second only to Mr Darby in knowledge of the Truth, and first in ability to state the Truth clearly". A frequent lecturer, he subsequently revised and published many of his lectures in book form. His familiarity with the original languages of the Bible led to well-researched expositions of both Old and New Testament books, which were widely read and highly regarded by Christians in his own time, and still today. With a genius for exposition, he combines scholarship and spirituality so that his readers gain a real sense of his unrestrained love for the Lord of whom the inspired pages of scripture speak.

"An Exposition of the Gospel of John" by William KellyAn Exposition of the Gospel of John

edited, with additions, by Edward Elihu Whitfield

ISBN: 978-0-901860-52-1;   Paperback;   908 pages;   £33.00

What are the exact words of the original Greek text of the Gospel of John? What do they mean? What is its significance for us today? William Kelly examines these questions, combining scholarly exegesis and analysis with devotional intensity. E. E. Whitfield's additional notes address, equally robustly, theologians' criticisms of the Gospel of John during the ten years after Mr Kelly's book was first written. "Here is profound and profitable exploration of Scripture" - Colin Curry, Scripture Truth.

"God's Inspiration of the Scriptures" by William KellyGod's Inspiration of the Scriptures

ISBN: 978-0-901860-51-4;   Paperback;   484 pages;   £18.75

ISBN: 978-0-901860-56-9;   Hardback;   484 pages;   £29.75

For anyone who ever doubted the authority of the Bible or that it was given by direct inspiration of God Himself, this book is a must.

It exhibits with unanswerable faith and proof the perfection of Divine revelation. It considers the great subject of the Inspiration of the Bible under the main headings of Divine Authority, Apostolic Doctrine, Its Uniformity, The Human Element and Divine Design. The latter topic, which occupies the major part of the book, consists of an introduction to each book of the Bible in turn, demonstrating the evidence of its inspiration, and relating it to the inspired themes of the whole. The author's purpose in writing the book was to present "the positive proofs that God speaks in it (the Bible) to every conscience and heart, more particularly of Israel in the Old Testament, and of the Christian in the New". He shows us that "one directing Author presides over each several part, imparting a special character to it, and at the same time causing all to contribute to the common purpose of revealing His counsels of glory and His ways of grace, while fully making known the weakness or the wickedness of the creature in resisting His will and doing its own." William Kelly's desire was that this work should be of help to "the spiritual understanding of all who value the Bible from beginning to end."

"Lectures on the Church of God" by William KellyLectures on the Church of God

ISBN: 978-0-901860-50-7;   Paperback;   244 pages;   £10.50

ISBN: 978-0-901860-55-2;   Hardback;   244 pages;   £21.75

The book has been described as "a Brethren ecclesiology". It considers six aspects of the Church of God: formed as the body of Christ; accepting the direction of the Holy Spirit; responsible to Jesus as Lord; engaged in worship, remembrance and prayer; using gifts; and receiving practical resources daily in faith. Accepting the absolute authority of the Word of God, he opens up what the Bible has to say on each of these topics. Getting to the heart of the matter, in a logical way, he challenges every Christian to consider the practical implications for their communion and conduct as members of the Church of God.


Charles Stanley:

Born in a Yorkshire village in 1821 and orphaned at four years old, Charles had a rough childhood. At eight years old, he was told: "You will either be a curse or a blessing to mankind." At 14 he gave his heart and life to the Lord Jesus and from that day on became a blessing to thousands. He passed away in 1888, but his written ministry is still valued today.

"Christ the Centre" (or "Why do we meet in His Name alone") by Charles StanleyChrist the Centre

(or Why do we Meet in His Name Alone)

ISBN: 0 901860 24 7;   Paperback;   32 pages;   £1.20

First published in the latter half of the nineteenth century, this booklet was reprinted in 1968 and again in 2002. In the first edition reference was made to events current at the time of writing. It is significant that on both reprinting occasions, it was felt that no changes were needed to the original text.

Late 19th Century Catalogue

Title ISBN Author
Daniel the Prophet   Dennett, Edward
An Exposition of the Gospel of John 978-0-901860-52-1 (paperback) Kelly, William; Whitfield, E E (editor)
God's Inspiration of the Scriptures 978-0-901860-51-4 (paperback)
978-0-901860-56-9 (hardback)
Kelly, William
Lectures on the Church of God 978-0-901860-50-7 (paperback)
978-0-901860-55-2 (hardback)
Kelly, William
Christ the Centre 0901860247 Stanley, Charles

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